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Welcome to VLearn

VLearn is an educational networking site intended to connect individual learners as well as groups and institutes that share common learning objectives.

Teachers VLearn
Teachers VLearn
  • Create your own Institute or Group.
  • Manage student memberships.
  • Interact with students.
  • Create Quizzes.
  • Easily post assignments for your students.
  • Free SMS & Email announcements to your group/institute members.
  • Share helpful learning content for your students.
  • Maintain a controlled learning environment.
Students VLearn
Students VLearn
  • Find and join your institute
  • Get FREE Notes.
  • Interact with your teachers.
  • Make new friends.
  • Create groups for your friends & colleagues to interact and share content.
  • Keep yourself updated with SMS & Email Announcements from teachers.
  • Maintain your own library by bookmarking useful content posted by teachers or other students for future use.
VLearn Features
VLearn Features
VLearn Features
  • My World
  • Take & Tag ( Library )
  • VLearn Share Station
  • Ask a Question (Coming Soon)