Privacy Policy


The present Privacy Policy (referred to hereinafter as – the Policy) establishes the rules of usage of the personal information, received from the VLEARN users (referred to hereinafter as – the Users) by the Limited liability company “ERC Pvt Ltd” (referred to hereinafter as – the Company). This Policy is applied to all Users of VLEARN services, sites, programs, products (referred to hereinafter as – VLEARN).
VLEARN usage means User’s unconditional consent with this Policy and conditions of processing of his/her personal information, specified in it; in case of disagreement with these conditions the User must restrain himself/herself from using services.


1.1. Within the framework of this Policy the User’s personal information means that:
1.1.1. The User affords the information about himself/herself independently during registration (personal cabinet creation) or in the course of Services usage, including User’s personal data, as well as name, phone number, address, date of birth and another information, necessary for VLEARN usage. Information, obligatory for granting of Services, is marked in a special way. Any other information is given by the User at his/her own discretion.
1.1.2. means the data, which are automatically transferred to VLEARN in the course of their usage by means of software, installed on the User’s computer, including the IP-address, cookie files data, information on the User’s browser (or any other program by means of which access to other services is provided), equipment specifications and software, used by the User, date and time of access to services, addresses of the requested pages and another similar information.
1.1.3. means any other information about the User, processing of which is provided by the VLEARN usage Agreements.
1.1.4. This Policy of confidentiality is applied only to VLEARN.
The Company does not supervise and does not bear responsibility for sites of the third parties, accessible on VLEARN, which the User can link to.
1.2. The Company does not run a check on reliability (authenticity) of the personal information, provided by the User, and cannot estimate his/her capacity. However, the Company acknowledges the fact that the User gives authentic and sufficient personal information about himself/herself and keeps it up-to-date.


The operator acknowledges the fact that he/she submits the personal data on VLEARN to the User, who:
2.1. Is a capable person. In case of incapacity of such a person the consent to processing of the personal data is given by the User’s lawful representative, who has informed himself/herself of and gives his/her consent to the conditions of processing of personal data, specified in this Policy.
2.2. Provides trustworthy information about himself/herself in the volume, necessary for the corresponding VLEARN usage, and keeps the given personal data up-to-date. Consequences of submission of unauthentic or insufficient information by the User are mentioned in the End User License Agreement.
2.3. In case of uploading of his/her image via the Personal Cabinet of VLEARN – gives consent on a non-reimbursable basis to use the given image for the purposes, disconnected with the User’s identification. The User shall not submit photos of the third parties as the User’s image.
2.4. Is aware of the fact that information about himself/herself, allocated by User at VLEARN, can become accessible to other Services Users, can be copied and disseminated by such Users.
2.5. Has informed himself/herself of this Policy, being well-informed, fully agrees with it.


3.1. The User hereby confirms that he/she has informed himself/herself of this Policy content; clearly understands the Policy conditions and he/she is eager to give a conscious consent to processing of his/her personal information by the.
3.1.1. The User registers at VLEARN by filling up of the questionnaire for the corresponding category of user. The User is considered to have given consent to processing of his/her personal data while putting a tick in the space “I accept conditions of the End User License Agreement and confidentiality policy and processing of the personal information” at the moment of pressing the button “to be registered”;
3.1.2. The User puts-in or modifies the personal data in the Personal Cabinet. The User is considered to have given consent to processing of his/her reintroduced or modified personal data at the moment of pressing the button «Save amendments».
3.1.3. The User fills-up the feedback blank – for the personal details. It is allocated at VLEARN. The User is considered to have given his/her consent to processing of his/her personal data, put-in in the feedback blank space, at the moment of pressing the button, – the action that confirms request submission.
3.1.4. When the User uses any VLEARN for cookies Files; the User is considered to have given consent to processing of such data at the moment when he/she starts using VLEARN.
3.2. User’s consent to processing of his/her personal information by the Company remains in force until the purposes for processing of such personal data are achieved.


4.1. The Company collects and stores only that personal information, which is necessary for granting of VLEARN.
4.2. The Company processes the User’s personal information for the purposes of:
4.2.1. Creation of the User’s personal cabinet (User’s registration for VLEARN) if the User has given consent to personal cabinet creation.
4.2.2. Identification of the User, registered at VLEARN.
4.2.3. Granting of access to the User to the client-focused resources of VLEARN.
4.2.4. Establishment of feedback from the User, including submission of notifications, requests, concerning VLEARN usage, rendering of services, processing of requests and applications from the User.
4.2.5. Acknowledgement of authenticity and completeness of the personal data, submitted by the User.
4.2.6. Granting of effective client and technical support to the User, in case problems, connected with VLEARN usage appear.
4.2.7. Publication of Users’ comments on VLEARN.
4.2.8. Carrying out of statistical and other researches on the basis of the anonymized data.
4.2.9. Implementation of advertising activity on the basis of User’s consent.


5.1. The Company stores Users’ personal information in accordance with the internal regulations of the specified VLEARN.
5.2. The User’s personal information preserves its confidentiality, except for cases of User’s voluntary submission of such information about himself/herself for shared data access of an unlimited range of persons. While using separate services, the User agrees that a certain part of his/her personal information comes within the public domain.
5.3. The Company has the right to submit (transfer) the User’s personal information to the third parties in the following cases:
5.3.1. The User has given his/her consent to such actions.
5.3.2. Submission is necessary for the User to use the certain VLEARN or for the fulfillment of the specified agreement or the others.
5.3.4. Submission is provided by the legislation of Pakistan within the framework of the procedure, established by the legislation.
5.3.5. In case of VLEARN alienation all the obligations pass to the customer to observe the conditions of this Policy as applied to the personal information received by the Company.
5.4. Processing of the User’s personal data is carried out without term restriction in every lawful way, including in information systems of the personal data by using automation equipment.
5.5. If the personal data is lost or disclosed, the Company informs the User about it.
5.6. The Company assumes necessary organizational and technical measures for protection of the User’s personal information against its illegal or casual access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, dissemination, as well as against other wrongful actions of the third parties.
5.7. The Company together with the User takes all the necessary precautions against losses or other negative consequences, caused by loss or disclosure of the User’s personal data.
5.8. The Company assumes necessary and sufficient legal, organizational and technical measures for protection of the information, given by Users, against its illegal or casual access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, dissemination as well as against other illegal actions of the third parties. Such measures, in particular, include:

  • Registration in the registry of the personal data of operators of Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Informational technologies and Mass Communications;
  • Appointment of a person, responsible for processing of the personal data;
  • Application of organizational and technical measures for provision of personal data safety while it is being processed in the informational systems;
  • Control of the facts of unauthorized access to the personal data and assumption of measures against occurrence of similar incidents in future;
  • Control over assumed measures on provision of personal data safety and the level of informational systems security of the personal data;
  • Guarantee of confidentiality of the personal data given by the User.

5.9. The Company stores the Users’ personal information on the electronic media.
While processing the personal data for the purpose of obligations fulfillment on the basis of agreements and the others with User, the Company has the right to take the personal data out and to store it on material media. 

– until the moment of its destruction by the Company – in case the User gives consent to processing of the personal data or asks about personal data destruction;
– until the moment when the purposes of processing of the personal data are achieved


6.1. The User shall:
6.1.1. Give information on the personal data in order to use VLEARN.
6.1.2. Update, supplement the given information on the personal data in case of its modification.
6.2. The Company shall:
6.2.1. Use the information received only for the purposes, specified in this Policy of confidentiality.
6.2.2. Provide keeping of the confidential information as the secret one, shall not disclose it without the User’s preliminary written permission, and also shall not organize sale, exchange, publication or disclosure in every possible ways of the personal information, submitted by the User, except for the cases, envisaged by this Policy of confidentiality.
6.2.3. Take safety precautions for the User’s personal data confidentiality protection in accordance with the procedure, usually used for such information protection in the existing business intercourse.
6.2.4. Perform blocking of the personal data, which relate to the corresponding User, from the moment of appeal or request of the User or his/her lawful representative or authorized body to and on protection of the rights of personal data subjects for the check period in case of unauthentic personal data or illegal actions disclosure.
6.2.5. Under the User’s request, submitted in the procedure, established in the clause 6.3.3 of this Policy, shall delete the User’s Personal cabinet and all the User’s personal data, contained in it, in term, established by the current legislation.
6.3. User has the right:
6.3.1. At his/her own discretion – to give the personal information to the Company for its processing according to the conditions, specified in the Policy;
6.3.2. To independently introduce modifications and amendments into the personal data in the User’s Personal cabinet on the assumption that such modifications and amendments contain up-to-date and authentic information;
6.3.3. To address to the Company with a statement to delete the Personal cabinet and the personal data, contained in it.
6.3.4. To appeal to the Company with requirements of personal data elaboration; of blocking or destruction of the personal data, in case it is incomplete, obsolete, unauthentic, illegally received or is unnecessary for the declared purpose of processing.


7.1. The Company, which has not fulfilled its obligations, bears liability for damages, suffered by the User due to personal data misusage.
7.2. In case of loss or disclosure of the confidential information, the Company does not bear responsibility, if such information:
7.2.1. Has become common property before its loss or disclosure.
7.2.2. Has been received from the third party till the moment of its reception by the Company.
7.2.3. Has been disclosed with consent of the User

7.2.4. The Instructors, Students and any other users of VLearn are not a reflection of VLearns opinions or thoughts and VLearn is not responsible for the actions of the participants.
7.2.5. Any personal or professional opinion shared on VLearn, is not a representation of the company’s vision or thought process.


8.1. Before appealing to the court with a claim on disputes, arising from relations between the VLEARN User and the Company, pretension presentation (the written suggestion for voluntary dispute settlement) is obligatory.
8.2. The claimee notifies the claimant of pretension in written form, of the claim consideration results within 30 (Thirty) calendar days from the date of claim reception.
8.3. In case of failure to come to an agreement, the dispute will be transferred to the court for examination in accordance with the current legislation of Pakistan.


9.1. The Company has the right to make amendments to this Policy of confidentiality without User’s consent.
9.2. New modification of the Policy comes into effect from the moment of its allocation at the corresponding section of VLEARN. VLEARN usage continues after new Policy modification publication and means that the User has the Policy and knows its conditions. In case of disagreement with conditions of the Policy, the User shall stop using VLEARN immediately.
9.4. The current Policy of confidentiality is allocated at the corresponding VLEARN pages.
9.5. This Policy of confidentiality is an integral part of the End User License Agreement, allocated at the corresponding VLEARN pages.

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